Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Will the Area 74 CatSim work on my vehicle?

    The CatSim was designed to be a universal tool with a very simple install that can be done by anybody with basic mechanical skills. It will work on any vehicle with a 2 or 4 wire oxygen sensor.

  • How does the Area 74 CatSim work?

    The CatSim uses the rear o2 sensor as an input signal to calculate a proper output voltage through an embedded microcontroller. The CatSim is a computer designed for the specific purpose of being an electronic catalyst intended to assist in diganostics.

  • Can the Area 74 CatSim be installed permanently?

    The CatSim can be installed permanently, however if you are using it for diagnostic purposes, it is recommended to install it in a way that allows for easy removal. We recommend using the CatSim for diagnostic purposes, or use on private property or offroading only. What you do with the CatSim is your responsibility and your responsibility alone. Area74 is not responsible for any liability that may arise from improper or illegal use of the CatSim.

  • Was Area 74 the first to introduce the BMW N55 downpipe fix?

    Yes, Area 74 was the first to introduce the BMW N55 downpipe fix.

  • Can the wiring be extended on the CatSim?

    The wiring can be extended on the CatSim, and has been tested for up to 10ft of extension.

  • Is the CatSim waterproof?

    Yes, the CatSim's electronics are completely sealed and waterproof.

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